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Compression Natural Gas Compressor

One of the primary applications for the industrial camshafts manufactured or reground by Kams, Inc. is in the field of natural gas compression.  Reciprocating piston compressors of all sizes are used from wellhead to distribution to move the gas through gathering and interstate transportation pipelines.


Kams, Inc. manufactures new camshafts that meet or exceed OE specifications.  Have a look at the CNC machine tools, inspection equipment, and cam grinders on the manufacturing page and see more of our cam manufacturing plant in the photo gallery.


Some of the common engines used to drive natural gas compressors are Caterpillar, Waukesha, Gemini, and White Superior.  Larger integral gas comrpessors include Ingersoll Rand engines such as the JVG, KVR, KVT, KVG, and KVS; and Cooper Bessemer engines such as the GMV.  We maintain a stock of new and remanufactured camshafts, cam lobes, cam sections, and cam followers for these applications.  If we do not have a part in stock, we can remanufacture your good core or manufacture a new part with very short lead times.


 Kams, Inc. has also been involved in the design and engineering of new cam profiles for reduced emissions, increased power, and improved fuel consumption.  We have worked with several engine models, including the Waukesha VHP/7042/7044, the White Superior 8G-825, the Ingersoll-Rand KVG compressor, and the Cooper-Bessemer GMV compressor.  In 2009 we received a patent for our redesigned cam shaft for the I-R KVT/KVR compressor series.


Some engines used with natural gas compressors have cams that are comprised of lobes press-fit to a shaft.  If the camshaft has a single lobe or two that have failed, we can often provide replacement split cam lobes that can be installed without removing the camshaft from the engine.




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