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IR KVR KVT Cam Train Upgrade

Cam Shaft Upgrade for Ingersoll-Rand KVR & KVT Compressors


Improved Cam Shaft Design

Are you tired of the expense and poor performance of the original KVR / KVT cam train? Kams Inc. has developed a patented solution to the problem. The product is an index spacer shaft that is a direct replacement for the splined drive shaft and two splined couplers that connect to each cam section. This design eliminates the splines by making the couplers integral to the shaft.  With no splines, the wind up and resulting irregular cylinder timing is eliminated. What’s more, the cam lobe sections can still be replaced without disturbing the adjacent cylinders.  This new product is manufactured from a premium grade steel that requires no high surface hardness and consequential embrittlement. 

Tested & Proven Cam Shaft Upgrade

Kams Inc. has installed this new product in several KVT and KVR compressors.  These combined units have now logged billions of cycles. The results are impressive.  Kams Inc. has once again stepped up to the plate and proven itself to be an industry leader by developing and producing a product to fill a longtime need in the industry.


KVR / KVT Cam Train Modification Highlights:

• Eliminates Splines Altogether

Retains Single Cylinder Serviceability

More Precise Cylinder Timing

 See photos of the improved cam shaft installed in a KVT 410 compressor!